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  1. Service & Maintenance
    Engine Oil PollWhat Engine Oil do you use and why? Please include the weight of the oil.Mobil15045.87%Amsoil1715.60%Motul2018.35%RLI 5w401211.01%DrivenDt4010.92%Quaker State00.00%Royal Purple00.00%Brad Penn32.75%What ever my dealer puts in10.92%Castrol TWS 10W-6021.83%Rotella T21.83%Liquid...
  2. R35 GT-R
    Hi wondering if someone else had this issue I have 09 gtr with 40k I didnd drive it last year so this year started driving it and just started noticing that the engine oil pressure is stuck all the way to full at 120 psi switch the 3ngine on and right away is showing 120 and does not change cold...
  3. Engine
    I have a leak around my engine oil pan. I've had it for a while now and I think its time to address. Question is how do I access the rear bolts? Do i have to loosen the motor mounts and lift the engine? Also I know Nissan uses a sealant for the engine oil pan assembly but I am wondering if...
  4. Engine & Transmission
    Used alternator. $220 Used Steering pump $320 Used Oil Pump $420 Ships from Blaine Washington state 98230. Ship within North America only. Buyer covers PayPal fees and shipping.
  5. Engine & Transmission
    For Sale - Oil Catch Van bracket Details - Brand new Stainless Steel 304 bracket used to mount Mike Norris and other similar type cans. You can make your own Oil Catch can system. Bracket is very sturdy. Reason for Selling - I made several extras Shipping - Local pick up or Shipping to...
  6. Engine
    Took a little bit of time but I managed to build my own oil catch can system. It's very similar to what others are selling for the GTR. It connects to both banks and the PCV. I had a 304 SS bracket custom made and it bolts up really nice and tight against the timing cover. I used the upgraded...
  7. Skyline GT-R
    Dear GT-R Life Team My question is regarding the following part: GReddy 13525900 High Capacity Aluminum Oil Pan Rb26det How much more oil do i need to add in the engine? Engine is fully built; Oil related modification include: Oil Pan Extension Baffle Orifice Port Oil inlets in engine...
  8. Service & Maintenance
    Hi, could someone help me locate the Oil Pressure Sending Unit? Mine went out and is showing max pressure. I assumed it would be near the filter but i was wrong. I tried looking online and i couldnt find any references. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Service & Maintenance
    Hi guys! I'm was a lurker for a while, and Im a newbie. I recently got this 2010 GTR, drove it around for 5 mins then the cluster gauge indicated a "low oil pressure visit dealer" sign and then the oil light came out. I checked the oil level after I stopped, it was fine. Got back in the car, the...
  10. Service & Maintenance
    Hi all. I just purchased a 2013 GT-R with 7,000 miles. One dealership told me because fluid is 4 years old, change it. Another dealership said you do not have to. Any advice? Does it breakdown over time?
  11. WTB
    Bought one,Thank you.
  12. Engine
    I couldn't find anything about this on here, but there seems to be extensive threads on the BMW forums, Bob the Oil Guy, and a couple others. I tried to compile "facts" and added links to the better ones. There's also a $12/5qt Mobil 1 rebate [link and details provided below], for those that...
  13. Service & Maintenance
    The normal oil and filter reminder came up on my 2012 DBA like normal. Went and reset under the maintenance screen on display between steering wheel, started car and reminder came back on. Reset a few more times and it wont go away, any ideas? Attached are the current pics showing the oil and...
  14. Engine & Transmission
    I have 10qts of oem GTR tranny fluid. I bought for my 2015 but ended up selling and dont need the oil anymore. Price is $525.00 shipped in e lower 48. All boxed up and ready to go. Text me if you have any questions. 505-504-1027
  15. Engine
    Hi guys, I noticed a small tear in the underbody not covered by the metal panel behind the passenger side front wheel, under the door. It's leaking some fluid, any idea what it could be? It didn't smell like gas, I'm going to take it to get checked out tomorrow, but could it be something...
  16. Engine
    Hey Guys I just got a 2013 with about 7500 miles, anyway all I've done is Cobb stage 1 with 93 since I've got easy access to that... But I've noticed my oil pressure is when cruising above 50 at least a steady 60psi and has gotten near 100psi when getting on it. I'm curious if there could be an...
  17. Transmission & Drivetrain
    All, I tried to search here and google and did not find a straight answer. How to properly get transmission fluid sample? If there is a How-to somewhere or some pictures showing the process, please post it here. :-) Thanks to all in advanced! Respectfully, joedr
  18. Canada
    Alright, I did some searching and I didnt find a dedicated thread to the ever-booming Oil industry here in Alberta. Whenever I post up what I do for work or where I live, I get plenty of messages about the Oil Sands/Patch Industry here and I figure it is about time we had a specific thread for...
  19. Service & Maintenance
    I imagine this has been discussed in another topic but after a bit of searching, I still can't find a thread so I'm starting one -> Two separate dealerships said I can get an oil change every 6000 miles (both the guy I bought it from as well as the guy at the other dealership that did my 1000...
  20. California
    HERE ARE SOME SPECIALS FOR LOCAL CUSTOMERS! Mention you saw the ad from GTRLIFE! Brake Flush Special! Engine Oil Special! FULL FLUID SPECIAL!!!
1-20 of 35 Results