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  1. Drag
    **Scroll down to see stock turbo and stock ecu times.** Tuned Stock Turbos: -for now lets keep this class the same as the events have it, which I believe is stock turbo only with bolt ons. -aka (GTRLife) Class GTR1 #1 - 8.909 @ 152.73 mph - Alpha Princess aka brookeberini AMS Performance...
  2. Drag
    Stock Manifold aka Modified Class Only: -for now lets keep this class as stock manifold with a limit of 58mm inducer. -aka (GTRLife) Class GTR2 #1 - 7.778 @ 178.89mph T1R Build Mitch Micheals (***current stock manifold record***) Elite prime turbos GT1R Stage 4 build stock crank and block. 3.8...
1-2 of 2 Results