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  1. R35 GT-R
    I wanted to share the complete new look of my car. It has gone a long way since I purchased it back in May 2010. I will keep it short and sweet since we all just want to get to the photos/videos. First off, I wanted to thank Nathan Cicio & Ryan Doi @ Topspeed Motorsports for all the help with...
  2. GT-R Media
    So thanks to the Team at Strasse and ROB especially who helped me out a ton with this project we got what i wanted, These puppies are hard to shoot and i will give you my word that in person they GLOW ill be taking more pics to come this is what i could get yesterday really quick with what...
  3. GT-R Media
    Hey guys, figured I would post this feature that was recently done on my car. We did some pretty sweet shots on base with some planes!! Check out the link for all the pics http://media-goons.c...e-rekoned-with/ Below is a little preview of some shots from the Feature
  4. GT-R Media
    I had the chance to grab one of the best looking GT-R's I have seen to date before it went under for a 4.0 sleeved ETS turbo build for some rig shots. They came out pretty good considering the time of day and location. What do you guys think? Full build info can be found here --->...
  5. R35 GT-R
    Stock Wheels Color for TrackWhat Color Should I paint my Stock Wheels for Track Use? (Black GTR)Bright Red617.65%Sun Burst Gold1029.41%Takata Green617.65%White12.94%Orange 720.59%Other.... Please specify in your post411.76%
  6. GT-R Media
    Hello Everyone, Its been a while since I have posted an update on my car....Attached is the link from when I had my First Photo Shoot... http://www.nagtroc.o...525#entry744525 Anyways...This Past weekend I finally had the chance of getting my Car Wrapped in 3M 1080 Bright Orange and Gloss...
1-6 of 6 Results