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  1. Part Out & Misc
    For sale a canvas (26 x 18 inches) of a BLUE GT-R - profile view. It comes ready to hang. US$ 120 delivered within the US.
  2. Part Out & Misc
    This is a set of 3 canvas, original, GT-R artwork. 1. The large canvas is 26 x 18 inches and features a profile view of the car 2. The front view is 18 x 12 inches 3. The rear view is 18 x 12 inches The artwork is original and it was scanned onto a digital file to be printed on canvas or...
  3. Electronics & A/V Systems
    Im about to paint the upper part of the gear knob BUT would like to take that part of so I can do it properly so anyone that know how to dismantle the gear knob into pieces? No problems taking it out of the car but after that I dont know how to get the silver part from the gear knob so I can...
  4. Mid Atlantic
    I am looking for a store in the DC or Balitmore areas that not only do car repainting, but do it exceptionally well. I would appreciate the group passing on their recommendations, why you think a shop does a superior paint job, and a ballpark estimate of what they would charge. I already had...
  5. Interior & Exterior
    Okay, first of all, if this has been pinned alredy then someone point me to the appropriate location. I am looking to repaint my 09 GT-R in a high gloss yellow (such as the yellow used on Lamborghinis), with contrasting black accents (spoiler, front lip, front/side/rear panels, etc.). I live in...
1-5 of 5 Results