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  1. Engine
    Can someone help me to understand the dimensions of the R35 Piston and rod? I need to know: - Piston head diameter and length - Piston Pin diameter and length - Piston rod height and width - Piston rod bearing diameter Im working on a project and I need to model these things as accurately as...
  2. Exterior & Interior
    Replaced stock skirts . Brand new these go for $450 each. Wrap cost additional $200 each. Condition: Mint. Full suntek wrap. Location: bothell, WA Price: Asking $400 shipped. Send me an offer.
  3. WTB
    Im in need of a floor mat set. Can be new or used in great condition. I really only need the driver mat but Ill buy them all or some if the price is right. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Joe
  4. North East
    I'm doing a full build on my GTR and I'm accumulating way too many parts I don't intend to re-use. Anyone who makes any reasonable offers can take it away! A few of the items are currently being stored at Kaizen Tuning in Boxborough MA. I am located in Raynham MA. Will provide pics upon request...
  5. North East
    Attention all customers of Fabspeed Motorsports: You have may have heard that there have been complains about their products and services please visit this website to learn more about the customer's stories and the class action lawsuit that is to follow.
  6. Site Help and Suggestions
    So lets clear this up. Max aka Lawrence does not work for either Undercover or Fabworkx anymore. So he should not be selling parts unless he gets approved as a vendor from Autoguide. So if you are getting pm's soliciting parts, hit the report button. A bunch of accounts have been disabled as a...
  7. Canada
    Good afternoon all....I think i had a stroke and was going to trade my GTR for a GLE63s Coupe and so I took all the performance parts out and now the GLE isn't even in the game anymore and i have a GTR that sounds like a vacuum cleaner again... HELP reduce my stress level by taking these off my...
  8. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hello guys! Here is the sad story, I just bought my first GTR, Its a 2010, It has 31k miles, 10 days ago. Last week there was a bad storm here and I couldn't see 3ft in front of me an the worst happened, a crash. I had the car for a week and didn't have time to take it to the insurance company...
  9. Newbie Intro
    please please please so i got this grr for a great price 70k and i realized i have way tooooo many aftermarket parts and i need some of the more experience GTR owners to guide me and schooled me.
  10. Newbie Intro
    please please please so i got this grr for a great price 70k and i realized i have way tooooo many aftermarket parts and i need some of the more experience GTR owners to guide me and schooled me.
  11. Newbie Intro
    Hi All, I am from Toronto, Canada. I sell body kits and performance parts of high end Cars at a much discounted price than the market. I am here to see if any of you guys be interested in geting Body kits or performance parts for your Nissan GTRs.
  12. Europe
    I havesome parts which i used or never used for sale. For details and prices pm me. Y pipe (used) A képet a Képfeltölté tárolja. Ferrea valve guides, intake and exhouste side (new) A képet a Képfeltölté tárolja. Willall racing...
  13. R35 GT-R
    I'm fixing a damaged 2014. Anyone know where to buy used parts to fix damage. I'm looking for complete front bumper (need headlights), right door, right fender, and oil cooler. someone have a stock oil cooler from an upgrade available? Anyone looking to buy the new 2015 headlights and want to...
  14. WTB
    Hi guys I am looking for a front bumper year 2012 + I don't care what color, I am also looking for the stock lip and ideally the set of LED lights that come with it. call or text or PM Thomas 917-204-7120
  15. Exhaust
    Hi guys, First thing first: I am a new employee at SP Engineering and this is my first time on the forums so if I make an error or two please let me know moderators. Now, we have an entire section of our shelves dedicated to left over parts from builds, and we would like to start clearing...
  16. Engine & Drivetrain
    We have a TON of stock R35 parts to sell. I have most of them up in our eBay store but if you dont see what you need feel free to PM me a request. Check out the store: http://stores.ebay.c...rt-Parts-Source Things we dont have: -Engine blocks -Cylinder heads -Crankshafts -Wheels -Seats
  17. R35 GT-R
    Hello, fellow NAGTROC members! CHECK IT OUT! ------> SP Engineering has launched a brand new web store for you guys to check out and to order from. This will be your newest #1 source for R35 GT-R aftermarket performance parts. We ship worldwide and will offer the best pricing...
1-19 of 21 Results