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  1. West
    FOR CUSTOMERS WITH THEIR VEHICLE CURRENTLY AT JOE BACH RACING: I would be very concerned if your vehicle is currently at Joe Bach Racing. My car sat outside, had not moved in 3 months (3' weed growing behind it, basketball goal up against the front wheel), dead battery, window down, interior...
  2. West
    Hi Everyone, I'm in Phoenix until Thursday and have rented an M3. (It's different but fun) Are there any cool car scene areas, performance shops or other car related or even racing related stuff that you would suggest seeing or doing? Thanks!
  3. Service & Maintenance
    Hello, New GT-R owner and Forum member here. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and recently purchased my first GT-R; a 2010 Premium in Gun Metallic. Have my first service coming up as a GT-R owner and am looking for recommendations on the best service department here in town. I have googled and...
  4. West
    Sup guys, I'm looking for a good (quickish) car wash place in phx, I would prefer west valley (far west lol) price really doesnt matter as long as its a good wash... Also if you know of a good detailing place that would be great as well. Thanks in advance!
  5. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
    *****QUICK NOTES***** SOLD
1-5 of 5 Results