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  1. GT-R Media
    My good friend and photographer Jim D came out to shoot my car the other day. Jim shoots for Super Street, Cobb, HRE among others. We also had another photographer on hand @CFDProductions to shoot the car, I will upload those pics when he sends me them. Jim is always available to travel for...
  2. GT-R Media
    Post up your '15 headlight shots! I'll go first..
  3. Newbie Intro
    I've introduced myself awhile back, but I didn't have Godzilla at the time. I'm in the Air Force and I'm stationed in Moody AFB Valdosta GA. I know of one other GT-R in the whole city and the Nissan dealership here is a joke and unathorized dealer. I got the GT-R with 5K miles and I'm absolutely...
  4. Newbie Intro
    Awesome to be a part of the community who cares enough to share their experiences about this amazing machine. After years of lusting and an 8 hour drive, the beast is finally mine. I've been roaming these pages since I got it a few weeks ago, and finally got a chance to post some pics. It's...
  5. The Lounge
    Hello everyone, my name is James. I am a local to Fort Worth, Texas and I also do photography in my spare time. I'd like to see if there is anybody who is local to me who might be interested in photoshoots or anything of that nature. I'm also a huge GT-R fan, but don't currently own one but...
  6. Middle East
    Since we all have GTR's lets see some pics of ur bad ass rides .. I'll start first On the dyno After the dyno in Jeddah Alignment Time Preparing the Beast before the 9 sec run at E.Kanoo garage At the Drag strip At Bahrain International Circuit My GTR on...
  7. GT-R Media
    Post them up! A photo is worth 1000 words
1-7 of 7 Results