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  1. Suspension & Tires
    Should be replacing my rear tires soon. I currenly have Pirelli Sotozero tires Size: 285/35/R20 & 295/35/ZR20 Wheels: 20x9.5 & 20x10.5 Offset: F 40mm R 20mm Ride height: Stock Spacers: Eibach 15mm/20mm Street driven, summer tires. Goal is to keep the flush look, wheels sticking out a little...
  2. Wheels
    21x10 | 21x11.5 Incurve Forged IF-5 | Floating Concave Brushed Candy Black Centers | Polished Cognac Lips | Gloss Black Inners | Polished Cognac Hardware Additional Hi-Res Images | Click Here
  3. Wheels & Tires
    Hey Everyone I am looking for a set of Pirelli P Zero Nero GT tires in the size 355/25/21. I know they are discontinued but just seeing if anyone had a set they want to sell. Or new or used set of the same size but the regular P zero. Thanks
  4. Wheels & Tires
    Selling my wheel set. Wheels sizes are 10" & 12". Tires Sizes are 285/35 R20 and 335/30 R20. Front tires are in great shape and only have a couple thousand miles on them, rears will need to be replaced sometime soon. Wheels come with all lug nuts, hub centric rings. Wheels are in pretty good...
  5. Wheels & Tires
    Brand New Pirelli P-Zero Corsa System Tires Streetable Track & Competition Brand: Pirelli $700 For Both Tires Shipped !!! Model: P-Zero Corsa System Size: 335/30zr20 Pair Costs Over $1100 + Shipping On TireRack Load/Speed Rating: (104Y) Part #:1949300 DOT: Early 2014 UTQG: 60-AA-A
  6. Wheels & Tires
    Brand New Pirelli P-Zero Corsa System Tires Brand: Pirelli Model: P-Zero Corsa System Asimmetrico Pair Costs Over $1100 + Shipping On TireRack Part #:1949300 UTQG: 60-AA-A
  7. Wheels & Tires
    For sale - Barely Used Bronze TE-37s with Pirelli Pzero tires. Details - Sizes are as follows: Front = 20x10 + 30 (Face 3) with Pirelli Pzero 285/35/20 Rear = 20x12 + 20 (Face 4) with Pirelli Pzero 335/30/20 Used for only 2,500 miles and are in great condition as seen in pictures. Tons of...
  8. Wheels & Tires
    Brand New Pirelli P-Zero Corsa Street/Trackable Tires 60 Threadwear Rating !! Pair Costs Over $900 On TireRack !!! $630 For The Pair Shipped (2013 DOT) Or $575 For The Pair Shipped (2011 DOT)
  9. Wheels
    Just sharing some photo's and I wanted to express how much I enjoyed working with Adrey at Specialized Performance. There's been some hiccups here and there but my experience has been positive overall. I would gladly purchase from Adrey at Specialized Performance and Chris from COR Wheels in the...
  10. Wheels & Tires
    This is a complete package that is ready to bolt-on and includes just refinished 21" Strasse Forged 3-Piece wheels with tires and TPMS installed. Wheel Style: 21" Strasse Forged 3-Piece Wheels Wheel Sizes: Front: 21" x 10.5" Rear: 21" x 12.5" Wheel Finish: Centers: Matte Black...
  11. GT-R Ownership
    My 2015 Black Liberty Walk build was finished in August and won the "Baddest R35 GTR" at the Importfest auto show in Canada. After all is said and done I want to part with this car so I can buy another, (no modifications this time around), to use as a DD, (for 6 months out of the year). I am...
  12. Wheels & Tires
    Brand New Pirelli P-Zero Corsa System Tires Streetable Track & Competition Brand: Pirelli $800 For Both Tires Shipped !!! Model: P-Zero Corsa System Size: 335/30zr20 Tires Cost Over $700 EACH On TireRack Load/Speed Rating: (104Y) Part #:1949300 DOT: 0513 UTQG: 60-AA-A
  13. Track
    This is the first of a series of posts that I'm going to be making through the eyes of a newbie HPDE driver. Before I left San Diego for a Panama Canal cruise a couple of weeks ago, I was staying at Hotel La Jolla, sipping on some wine with my wife when we both heard the unmistakable sound of...
  14. Wheels & Tires
    Here are some of the last of them you'll ever see I bet! The discontinued massive 375 Pirelli's with the matching 295 fronts. I have 4 used tires total I won't be needing. Used, all are right at 8/32. I looked at mileage when installed and they have about 1900 miles on them. They are all...
  15. Track
    After missing the race in Long Beach, I caught back up with Brian Kleeman and the rest of the team at the picturesque Barber Motorsports Park outside of Birmingham, AL a couple weekends ago. Upon arrival I was informed there was still a wiring issue with the car causing it to cut throttle and...
  16. Wheels & Tires
    ADV.1 Tracspec 5.0 21". Matte Black with Brushed Gunmetal outer and inner lips. 21x10 and 21x 11 with Pirelli Pzero Nero 285-30-21 and 305-30-21 with about 75 percent tread left. All four tires still have knobbys on them. TPMS and Project Kics RB26 locking lugs in Black Chrome included...
  17. Wheels & Tires
    Have a set of 21'' Deep Concave Forge Wheels for sale. Wheels and tires only have 2k miles of use on them. Wheel Front: 21x10 Tire: Non Run Flat Pirelli P Zero 285/30/21 Wheel Rear: 21x12 Tire: Non Run Flat Pirelli P Zero 355/25/21 NO SPACER REQUIRED FOR FITMENT Selling to buy a set of...
  18. Track
    i was finally able to catch up with my pictures from weekend before last at the Mid-Ohio Grand Prix. i was shooting, once again, for the DWW Motorsports 370z team racing in the GTS class. after having rented the 300mm prime for the previous race in detroit, i really missed it here. i'm going to...
1-20 of 22 Results