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  1. Detailing & Cleaning
    I know there are a ton of posts on here about freshly polished GT-Rs, but I get more excited about the prep photos. I'm sure there are other wackos like me. Here's one from last week: Let's see 'em!
  2. Canada
    I took a 2 day road trip to see a returning GTR client. I repolished up his GTR and opticoated it. No pics as it went from cleaned to slightly more clean and Opticoated. I did however get shots of his dad's BMW 330XI and his Tundra crew cab. Both of these vehicles were getting a compound and...
  3. Canada
    This was number 10 for me for GTR's. This time it was a 2011, and of course in black. This ended up with a 2 stage polish which I have used for most of the other black GTR's I have seen. The owner also decided on opticoating to help with cleaning and to limit or help reduce some of the dreaded...
  4. Canada
    Another new client who did a lot of homework before contacting me to detail his G 35. He takes pretty decent care of his care, but had a few years of marring built up on the paint that he wanted taken care of. We decided on a single step polish the get rid of the swirls and anything else we...
1-4 of 4 Results