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  1. Detailing & Cleaning
    Finally took the plunge and got the entire car covered w/ suntek PPF ultra. Car had the full front done already but it wasn't done correctly (exposed edges and dirt getting trapped under) so had that redone as well. Did some research and came across Cliff @Auto Armour Films & Fishes. He is...
  2. R35 GT-R
    Hello guys, Just got word from my PPF installer (authorized Xpel installer) that he would not install PPF on my 2019 WHITE Nissan GTR because of paint issues that he has experienced on WHITE GTRs only. The paint issues he said were about the paint having a reaction with the film thus turning...
  3. California
    hey guys, im a clear bra / ppf installer located in huntington beach, socal if your interested in getting your car protected pm me with your cars info and what you want covered. info: year make model submodel and what you want covered.
  4. R35 GT-R
    I got the Nismo to use as my daily drive and to track it. Of course, after the first day at the track, it was obvious how hard that would be on the paint. I needed to decide on a bra, wrap, PPF, etc, but wanted to keep the Nismo trim. GTRLife members like CarTeks (who's shared with us his...
  5. Interior & Exterior
    I realized I never posted any photos of my car after I got my wrap done. The car was wrapped by GT Auto Concepts in Redwood City, CA. All the panels were wrapped in the Suntek PPF-M which is the matte finish so it turns your paint to a more matte finish. I love how the Suntek film turned out...
1-5 of 5 Results