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  1. Drag
    Hi Guys, Last week I went to a private rental at the Puerto Rico International Speedway in Salinas Puerto Rico. I did only one pass as I was so happy with the results that after the first pass, I took the car back to the parking lot and took out the tires and returned them to my buddy Someone...
  2. Drag
    My setup: Stock Motor Stock Transmission Gotboost Intakes ID 1000 Full exhaust Alpha 9 turbos Ecutek tune @ Predator Performance 20" wheels with R888 9.91 @ 143mph 18" wheels 9.82 @ 143 mph
  3. Engine
    Well the title of the thread kinda says it all. This is a 2013 GTR from Predator Performance in PR. I have a few threads made on STG1 & STG2 results. Now the car has a Alpha 9 setup. - I believe the first 2013 Alpha 9 GTR ;) Tuning was done with the latest EcuTek RaceRom ! This is the 104...
1-3 of 3 Results