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  1. Drag
    Hey guys, got called out by an Aventador SV for a drag race lol. I've never taken my car to drag before, or launched my car post going FBO (yes, super careful on my trans/clutch & worried to damage it). but since it's an SV.. I might just do it!! I need a couple of advice. I switched from...
  2. Wheels
    Used Iforged Emotion w/Pzero Tires for sale Details - silver Face, Chrome Lips. Pirelli Pzero tires are 255/30/22 front / 315/25/22 rear brand new! Reason for Selling - going to 18's or 17's for 1/4 mile racing. Shipping - Continental US only, which is paid by buyer Price - $5100 shipped...
  3. Wheels & Tires
1-3 of 3 Results