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  1. Newbie Intro
    Hi guys, My name is Kunal and I'm from Toronto. Here are a few pictures of my freshly imported skyline R33 GTR Vspec, a few modifications later.... From what I know, it is the first 1997 model in all of North America as it has just become legal to import in Canada this past March. I was lucky...
  2. Skyline GT-R More bs from local governments, and the Nissan Skyline GT-R. Justin Beno had a couple of R33 GT-R's that he literally built up from nothing. There is a lot to the full stories, and the stories will be eventually told, but...
  3. Non GT-R Forsale
    Anyone know of someone selling or interested in selling a federal legal motorexed r32 or r33? Prefer an R33 vspec. I also prefer original factory color and body parts if possible. LMK no rush... just thought id ask around
  4. Skyline GT-R
    I used to collect miscellaneous GTR things and I have a few I'd be willing to part with but I'm not sure if there would even be any interest so I figured I'd give it a try. I have one each of the R34 and R33 GTR owners manuals that have been translated into english by JPNZ a company in NZ. I...
21-24 of 24 Results