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  1. West
    Hello GTR Community I just purchased a 2020 Track edition R35. Got it from out of state and looking for anyone else with a 2020 GTR in the LosAngeles or Inland Empire Region who is willing to help me out. Please DM me. Thanks in advance
  2. R35 GT-R
    Hello GTR community. I recently acquired a 2020 Track Edition R35. I'm trying to figure if I can add android Auto to it or if there are any Alternatives(add ons). Thanks in advance!
  3. R35 GT-R
    Hey so I had told seller here in Nissan Sweden to order new GT-R for me since like last year (after an accident). And he just last week got the order number and chassis number. How long would it possibly take from now? I know they build pretty fast after getting these things orders in. But...
  4. R35 GT-R
    I seem to have run into an issue and before my tuner looks at it maybe someone can give me an insight. So my R35 has had the gotboost flex fuel kit installed for awhile by the previous owner, and during my ownership the car was wrongly jump started ( not by me), and the pins for the wire harness...
  5. Service & Maintenance
    Hey, Recently broke a few wheel studs on one corner (R35 2011) and decided to go the ARP route. Ordered the 100-7716 (subaru wrx) studs as it seems others have done so with success. Unfortunately the dealer seems to be unable to install them. Any ideas? May have to check it myself.
  6. R35 GT-R
    With the front end of my car being taken apart to fit the new AMS Street intercooler I was thinking of also swapping out the oem radiator for a better one to combat the occasional track days in the hot Australian climate and overall improve cooling just for convenience. However there are so many...
  7. R35 GT-R
    After some unfortunate events I was finally able to reclaim my 2009 r35 gtr ADM that was being held in storage for the past 5 months, surprised to be let known that the car was not starting up and they had to put the car in neutral to push it around the storage while it was away. I thought it...
  8. R35 GT-R
    Looking to upgrade my stock BOVs however idk if I should go for a kit like the Turbosmart Dual Port or something vent to atmosphere like the Turbosmart Raceport. The car is currently making 600hp on 20psi of boost but It will soon be tuned in the hopes of reaching 700. What BOV do you guys...
  9. Suspension & Tires
    Hi guys first of all new to the forum! Names Rob I've got a 2015 Gtr r35 and I just fitted a set of kw sleeves to it. However one side is lower than the other all measured exactly the same but on the passenger side the full helper spring isn't compressed like the other. Now I've fitted these on...
  10. GT-R Ownership
    Wanted to get intakes as part of the next upgrade. Which one do you guys recommend? Currently running stock intakes with ets downpipes,midpipes and Akrapovic exhaust system with titanium tips
  11. EcuTek
    Hi guys. Ive had a few issues with the 35 post tune. Its been back to a tuner here in Sydney a few times now and he hasnt been able to get to the bottom of it (whether he could be bothered or not is another thing). Mods: Ecutek tune and TCM tune with injectors, catless downpipes and akra...
  12. Texas & South Central
    I was wondering if anyone in Houston down to meet up and have our own little version of coffee and cars Hit me up lets roll. Would love to meet fellow GT-R owners in Houston and learn more about this beast
  13. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
    $70,000 - will entertain serious and respectful offers 51K MILES VIN - JN1AR5EF2DM260969 Houston, Texas Contact Method: DM me with phone if interested ill text you Local Pickup: Yes Shipping: Yes (Arranged by Buyer) Will You Ship International: No Payment: Bank loan/Wire Transfer Returns...
  14. Electronics & A/V Systems
    This is regarding 2013 R35 GT-R Premium... Has anyone noticed the numbers on range fluctuate while driving? I am unable to judge when my tank is going to go empty considering the range on the computer keeps fluctuating so often Can someone help?
  15. Service & Maintenance
    Hi there! I wanted to change out the cabin and engine air filters Any recommendations to purchase the part online? Please advise..
  16. Newbie Intro
    Hello all Currently own a 2013 GTR Tuned by Linney with Akrapovic exhausts system and absolutely love it Excited to be a part of this forum and learn a lot from you all masters
  17. R35 GT-R
    I was fortunate to meet with a Sr. Manager of Product Planning at the Nissan North American HQ. He shares some unique insights on this beauty.
  18. R35 GT-R
    First off I wasnt sure where to post this since I have a lot of questions (some I have answers to but need clarifications, others I dont know at all). Im planning on purchasing a used 2015-16 gtr within the coming months and I would like to do some basic fbo/ alpha package to it. The alpha 7...
  19. Wheels & Tires
    I am selling my set of BBS LM 20" wheels. They are GTR specific so there is no need for spacers. They sit flush. Excellent condition. No curb rash, straight wheels. Just a few very tiny specs that would not be noticed if I had not described them. Front: Size: 9.5x20 Offset: ET40 Tire: 285/35/20...
1-19 of 340 Results