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  1. Wheels & Tires
    SOLD ! Selling 4 tires of Toyo Proxes R888R just pulled off a 2014 GT-R. I am selling because I just purchased the GT-R and chose to go with OEM Dunlop all season tires. The rear tires have 50% thread life left based on the penny test. The front has a little more than 50%. There is a pair of...
  2. Wheels
    I finally got nearly all of the pieces together for my wheel & tire combo and thought I'd post some pics. With the new turbos (Cicio Performance Gateways), the original tires were simply getting blown off. I decided to upgrade my wheels & tires but as luck would have it I had to wait for the...
  3. SP Engineering
    SP ENGINEERING | ADVAN | TOYO R888 | TOYO R888R SPECIAL PRICING SP Engineering is proud to offer the entire lineup of R35 GTR sized wheels from Advan Racing. Looking for a complete bolt on wheel and tire package complete with TPMS sensors? We've partnered with Toyo to bring you the best pricing...
1-3 of 3 Results