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  1. Brakes & Suspension
    New Racing Brake ET500 GTR front brake pads for sale: $100 shipped to the 48 states. Paypal is the form of payment. I bought an extra set for my 2015 GTR but never installed them. I sold my GTR and don't need these. The pads are new and still in the plastic wrap.
  2. Brakes
    I lost over 6 lbs per corner of rotating mass by replacing my OEM rear rotors with Racing Brake rear rotors. Same size and thickness as OEM but the Racing Brake rotors are made of forged aluminum, with a iron ring insert for the parking brake, versus the OEM rear hat that is made completely...
  3. R35 GT-R
    It is accurate to say I have done a fair amount of brake testing on the Nissan GT-R. 4 years, approx 40 track days on 10 different tracks, and street driving in all conditions (rain, snow, sleet, desert, mountains, coast). And, early on, I made a very good decision to embrace AP Racing's...
  4. Brakes & Suspension
    Available for both the 2009-2011 GT-R 2009-2011 Carbon Ceramic Rotor Package and the 2012+ GT-R 2012+ Carbon Ceramic Rotor Package FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48! This kit retains the use of OE calipers but requires modifications to calipers to fit thicker CCM rotors. Kit includes: 2 Front...
  5. Brakes & Suspension
    Many of you are likely familiar with Racing Brake and some of you may not be. They have developed some amazing designs for the GT-R. Whether it is their big brake kit, carbon ceramic, or simply looking to replace your rotors, Racing Brake has you covered. Their patented rotor design allows for...
  6. Brakes & Suspension
    "Racing Brake" rotors with light weight hats, 3 sets of front brake pads (XT-960, #1 test pads and #2 test pads) and two sets of rear brake pads (XT-960 and XT-970). I was testing rotor and pad set ups from "Racing Brake". Testing is over and the Items are up for sale. Retail internet prices for...
  7. Brakes & Suspension
    FS (Norcal): BNIB Racing Brake XT910 REAR $200 Paypal only, free shipping in lower 48 Never used- Brand new in box, plastic wrapping still on Fits all year GTR 2009- present
  8. Brakes & Suspension
    FS: Racing brake XT960 FRONT USED $250 paypal only. Free shipping to lower 48 Use for one track date. > 90% life Fits all year GTR 2009- present
  9. Brakes
    Fellow GTR community, As most of you know, I have been keeping a log of my experience with Racing Brake OEM replacement rotors for my 2012 BE GTR. I have now come to the end of the life of the RB OEM replacement rotors. I have replaced my old combination of RB OEM replacement rotors front, and...
  10. Brakes
    Hello Everyone, I recently had the displeasure of cracking the front OEM Nissan rotors on my 2012 BE GTR. As many of you know the OEM rotors crack when used on track. It took me 1 track event at Buttonwillow raceway, and less then 6k miles to crack my rotors to the point where they needed to be...
1-10 of 10 Results