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  1. GT-R Media
    This year I'm partnering up with Tim, know in the internet as Shmee150, he is quite the famous supercar spotter from the UK, My friend put a little teaser video of my car before we leave the rally, full length movie coming soon The theme this year is Miami Vice, I will be posting new pics...
  2. California
    SAVE THE DATE! Saturday April 20th CRESCENT CUP RALLY Crescent Cup Rally is coming! The first automotive scavenger hunt in the Bay Area. This event is open to all makes and models of cars! We'll be having all sorts of cars out there, from S2Ks and Acuras, to Vipers and Ferarris, so invite any...
  3. Track
    Join the motorcity gumball rally 2013 this year. I had joined and this is my video we made from team itrackrecords JOIN ITRACKRECORDS.COM! A CAR ENTHUSIASTS "FACEBOOK" FOR CARS
  4. Other Vehicles one of the monsters there..
  5. California
    Targa Trophy New Years Eve Experience Special Event - San Diego Saturday - December 31, 2011 OFFICIAL REGISTRATION IS OPEN - Targa Trophy 2011 - CONFIRM TODAY! 2011 has been an amazing year for Targa Trophy, which has resulted in our biggest season yet now under our belt. This year saw the...
1-5 of 5 Results