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  1. AccessTUNER
    Question for those that switch from SD to MAF in order to get the car to perform readiness -- Initially thought everything was going well, uninstalled AP, disconnected battery, re-installed AP with MAF map, started car & all was well. Left it idling for a minute before jumping in to begin the...
  2. AccessTUNER
    My p800 is SD tuned & I can't get cat or o2 to go ready. I understand that previously with Cobb, these would never go ready with an SD tune... My question is does anyone know if this is still the case? My kit being one of the later Switzer p800s in which they did away with the MAFs so I'm...
  3. Engine
    Hey guys, I'm curious to know which monitor needs to be ready for emission. I haven't registered it yet since I've bought it. I'm in Utah. I want to sort this out first before taking her in. So far I have 3 monitors that are in "NOT READY" stage. I've listed it below. Do all 3 of it have to...
1-3 of 3 Results