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  1. Interior & Exterior
    Has anyone installed Rexpeed Naca Ducts before? It should be simple but I couldn't find any installation instructions and I think I'm missing clips or mounting hardware? Do the Rexpeed ducts use OEM clips or are they supposed to come with hardware? My existing ducts are aftermarket from the...
  2. R35 GT-R
    Hey guys, I have been working with Rexpeed for a couple of months on a carbon fiber steering wheel cover for the 2017 plus GTRs. The product is finally complete and should be ready for purchase on their website very soon. I am not in any way benefiting from doing this write up, I just wanted...
  3. The Lounge
    first, not asking for crazy parts or turbos lol. I've never askfor stuff or favors, thats not me. .. but honestly, the past month got me thinking. I know most GTR sponsors would go to ones who compete.. I'm targeting anyone to sponsor mostly Exterior/Interior parts.. why? I don't...
  4. Interior & Exterior
    Replaced my previous Rexpeed K Style with this N-Tune CF w/ Brake Ducts (N100-1001) Nismo Style. Compared to my previous splitter, this sits higher up, and sticks out less.. more on the OEM look side. The splitter does extend a little (under the DRLs), as that's where a Nismo bumper protrudes...
  5. Vendor Deals
    Hi all, here comes our Black Friday Sale. Up to 20% Off on selected items. Check our website here: and PM us on which items you are interested in right away! :wink: *Please remember to click the "check out." button to see the shipping cost if you're located in...
  6. Interior & Exterior
    Hello, long story short. I'm looking for a new carbon splitter, good quality ..and REASONABLE PRICE. Not looking to spend over $3k on a splitter for a street car. I've had 2 Rexpeed K Style splitters, with the Air duct option, since 2015. The splitter itself is excellent quality no complaints...
  7. Interior & Exterior
    Just got the Rexpeed Dry Carbon Steering Cover (Here)... good quality, sticks over the factory controls/buttons. I think it looks really good with the DCT Steering wheel & Shiftkoncepts paddles. I found cheaper alternatives on eBay but decided to go with Rexpeed because i trust their quality. I...
  8. Exterior & Interior
    Hope all is well with you. Just want to share the new product we released today with you. V-Style Carbon Fiber Rear Under Shroud Set, made from high quality twill weave carbon fiber, please check the details below More V-Style stuff coming soon! As usual, please PM for price, thank you!
  9. Interior & Exterior
    2014 Black Edition - stock ride height Splitter: Rexpeed K-Style (inc. Air duct option) Skirts: Rexpeed Carbon fiber Zele Style Diffuser: Difflow fins (1" shaved off) Splitter & Skirts Diffuser
  10. GT-R Build Threads
    Well this thread is looooong over due. I have been a long time semi lurker and owned my 2009 GTR since 2012 alot of this thread will be old pictures but I decided to finally document my car in sort of a timeline or the journey its been on and some milestones that have passed since owning the...
  11. GT-R Media
    Thanks to Austin & Liam for taking these shots at Black Falcon Pier, Boston.
  12. WTB
    Anyone got a used one they want to get rid of? Will also consider pretty much anything carbon fiber (front lip, skirts etc) just tell me what you have.
  13. Interior & Exterior
    I order the Rexpeed K-style splitter with ducts and Side skirts from FBparts a while back. I had clearance issue going down my garage so I did not want to spend a lot on a splitter and then won't be able to go down my garage. I installed the parts today, they look good except for the break duct...
  14. Interior & Exterior
    For those of you that have experience with both of these side skirts, is there any preference for one over the other? I know the Zele is more expensive but is the quality significantly better than the Rexpeed, or is the Rexpeed a better value? Any input would be appreciated.
  15. Exterior & Interior
    For sale: Used/damaged Rexpeed carbon fiber front splitter - $275 shipped - Cincinnati This is the M-Style Carbon Fiber Splitter from Rexpeed, which sells new for $870, not including overseas shipping. - Twill weave carbon fiber - Gloss clear coat finish - About half the weight of the factory...
  16. R35 GT-R
    ****** UPDATE ****** Rexpeed is honoring their waranty and sending me a new Lip Style, read their reply bellow For those of you wondering if you should get a Rexpeed lip for your GTR, think again! do NOT get one of these lips that come with the tray, because this will happen Was going...
  17. GT-R LIFE Vendor Reviews
    Just wanted to review my recent experience with SpeedForSale. I ordered, from them, a Rexpeed front lip (M style) for my 2011 GTR. First, communication is excellent. All emails responded to within 12 hours. Respectful, professional attitude. Price was lower than that of anywhere else I looked...
  18. GT-R Media
    Updated look of my GTR, Strasse Forged Wheels, Lowered, new Sides / Lip and 2015 Headlights / Tails... took these with my Galaxy S5 Old Look
1-20 of 23 Results