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  1. California
    Now that Jason and Vince are out of GT-R service business and Z car garage seems overbooked(good for them), I am looking for a recommendation on where else to service my r35. i took it to Nissan dealer in Fremont, but was underwhelmed. A non dealer shop like Z car garage would be nice but not...
  2. Service & Maintenance
    New to me 2018, stock, needs a 18k service - any recommendations on a reliable dealership in the Atlanta/Marietta area? Thanks in advance!
  3. Service & Maintenance
    Hey guys, so I have an awkward situation and I need your help. My dash cam caught the Nissan service admitting that he unplugged it to beat on the car. Let me explain: So I brought my 2017 GTR into Nissan for the transmission service (I have about 30k miles). I also asked them to take a look at...
  4. Service & Maintenance
    Hi All - Anybody know the best and most affordable manner / place to purchase a service manual for a 2020 GT-R Premium? Thanks in advance!
  5. Service & Maintenance
    Replacing my OEM coolant reservoir with a Boost Logic one, pretty simple but any specific coolant/water brand/mix yall run? If so how much volume considering this tank holds more. TIA.
  6. Service & Maintenance
    I run E85 frequently and became concerned that one of my injectors were causing a misfire issue due to possible obstruction or corrosion. I decided to have the injectors serviced - not something I have done before. Having the injectors cleaned, inspected and flow tested was pretty cool...
  7. Service & Maintenance
    I remember back when I was in the US, there was a Nissan website where I would log in and view all my GTR service history from different dealerships. History shows I came in at "x" miles, cost, date. etc... I can't find that anymore. Had to create a new account with, enter...
  8. California
    I have a huge shout out for NIssan BoardWalk Service department in Redwood city Jason Manown guy in charge there I can tell they service the GTRs there with care I was impressed I am sure there is a post about this place here already. I just took my car in for a regular oil change I did mention...
  9. GT-R Ownership
    A dealership in suburban Chicago Im talking to has a used 2015 GT-R premium w/ 41k miles. They told me they cant sell me an extended warranty or service package. Is this normal? Are there any 3rd party warranty options like Easy Care? Easy Care once replaced an $18k Mercedes AMG transmission for...
  10. Mid West
    Hi everyone, I'm in West Bend WI and my 2014 with 13,000 miles is ready for its last warranty service visit. The drivetrain warranty expires in two weeks, so I'm looking for the best dealer in the Milwaukee / Waukesha / Fond du lac area. I want to have them look at the bellhousing, and look...
  11. R35 GT-R
    I've contacted a supplier to get group buy pricing on this lift. This model is conformed to work with our cars. Here is a thread about a member buying and using it. It's open in the middle allowing for exhaust work as well. There is also enough space to drop motor and trans. It's perfect for...
  12. Service & Maintenance
    Just picked up a new (to me) GTR. Need to find a good mechanic in SD, CA. Any leads would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Transmission & Drivetrain
    Hello, I will be pulling my transmission soon and can't find a decent DIY article anywhere. I downloaded the 2014 FSM but the only information it shows for removal is an exploded view of the rear subframe assembly. Does anyone know where to find the procedure or can you lead me in the right...
  14. North East
    Attention all customers of Fabspeed Motorsports: You have may have heard that there have been complains about their products and services please visit this website to learn more about the customer's stories and the class action lawsuit that is to follow.
  15. Exterior & Interior
    For Sale -USED HKS KANSAI SERVICE Carbon Fiber GT-Wing ( - 2 months old. Light scratches, can be polished.SOLD -USED HKS KANSAI SERVICE Carbon Front Canard ( - 2 months old. mint/brand new condition. Dont want to...
  16. California
    Preventative maintenance is extremely important whether your car is bone stock or a 2000 HP fire breathing monster. Dealerships often charge a premium for anything GT-R related, so we offer an alternative solution to the members here on GT-R Life. Whether you're looking to do just an oil change...
  17. GT-R LIFE Vendor Reviews
    Although I did not purchase any products directly from Doug, he has been very helpful at answering many random technical questions. Every question has always been answered without any push to buy any products or services. Thanks for the help Doug.
  18. Service & Maintenance
    Does anyone know how to check to see if all voluntary recalls/recalls/campaigns have been performed on a GTR to make sure the car is update? Thanks, Jeff
  19. California
    Wanted to give a quick shout-out to Fontana Nissan's Race/Service department. I had a POS service and oil change performed there today, and I cannot say enough about the quality of service I received. In particular, I had the opportunity to speak with one of their GT-R master techs (Chris) for...
1-19 of 54 Results