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  1. Other Vehicles
    I am looking to bring the level of my Shelby GT500 up a bit to an acutal usable machine. I know virtually nothing about modding mustangs as i've spend all my time researching the GT-R. Going over to the forums for the Shelby is kind of a nightmare, so I was curious if anyone had any input on...
  2. Middle East
    We were out cruising, so while we're at it, we decided to have some shots. Thank you Ali for the great photos. Follow Ali on instagram, @CarsofBahrain, and member Lutfalla at @Lutfalla_R35 to check out more pics and videos of his kills! Specs on the Black GTR: HKS...
  3. Other Vehicles
    Hey all. I have been floating around this forum for a while now, and its been great to me. I sat back about 6 months ago and told myself I was going to buy a GTR and my mind was set. After talking to a few friends with them and browsing around, I noticed the $/mod was a bit more expensive due...
1-3 of 3 Results