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  1. Interior & Exterior
    I purchased some Seibon VS-style carbon fiber side skirts, and tried putting them on myself, but could not for the life of me get the clips on the top side to pop in. I decided to take it to a body shop (Modern Carriage Werks) to have them install it along with a Seibon front lip, but they did...
  2. Vendor Deals
    Hi all, we released our V2 Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Extension recently. Here are some photos for your reference, please check. Please feel free to PM for any further information. (like the discount for forum members or so on. :wink: ) Hope all is well with you all, stay safe!
  3. WTB
    I'm looking for a pair of undamaged replacement (not add on or extension) side skirts for a 2014 R35. I prefer carbon fiber. James Bernstrom please respond here or email [email protected] Picture of the parts I am looking to buy attached Location: Greater Seattle Area Shipping...
  4. WTB
    I am looking for a set (RH and LH) side skirts. Any year. They must be in good condition. Location and Shipping zip code : Miami, FL (33132) Price: I have seen these sell anywhere from $250 to $350 shipped. We can discuss if you require more. I will pay more for newer style. Email...
  5. Interior & Exterior
    2014 Black Edition - stock ride height Splitter: Rexpeed K-Style (inc. Air duct option) Skirts: Rexpeed Carbon fiber Zele Style Diffuser: Difflow fins (1" shaved off) Splitter & Skirts Diffuser
  6. Exterior & Interior
    Sold! Please Delete Admins! Thanks!
  7. WTB
    I am looking for used Zele Japan Side Skirt for CBA (CF or FRP) Used, Scatches, Damage...etc. PM me what you have Point Roberts, WA 98281 Thanks BU
  8. WTB
    I'm looking at purchasing a front lip and side skirts for my 2012 GTR. If you have one or both of these items, please text me at 281-650-0598 or shoot me a pm. I'm located in Houston, tx.
  9. WTB
    Edged a curb, looking for a used/new driver side OEM side skirt that you may have around (2012). I'll be handling shipping, so please exclude that from your asking price.
  10. Interior & Exterior
    I will be purchasing the Revozport dry carbon front lip with brake cooling guides. I am looking for side skirts and the complete rear section (everything in grey from the factory) to be dry carbon to match. Does anyone have any recommendations on sides/rear in dry carbon to match the front...
  11. Exterior & Interior
    I need a OEM right side skirt for now,i don't know does the 09-11's skirt is fit for 2013.if it's fit please let me know.And if anybody how have the OEM right side skirt is for sell.please Text me!Thanks a lot
1-11 of 11 Results