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  1. Interior & Exterior
    2014 Black Edition - stock ride height Splitter: Rexpeed K-Style (inc. Air duct option) Skirts: Rexpeed Carbon fiber Zele Style Diffuser: Difflow fins (1" shaved off) Splitter & Skirts Diffuser
  2. Exterior & Interior
    For Sale -USED HKS KANSAI SERVICE Carbon Fiber GT-Wing ( - 2 months old. Light scratches, can be polished.SOLD -USED HKS KANSAI SERVICE Carbon Front Canard ( - 2 months old. mint/brand new condition. Dont want to...
  3. Exterior & Interior
    Sold my car, so have extra set of OEM skirts left. Available for local pick-up in Apex, NC or within 50 miles range. Asking $150. Passenger side skirt: great condition, no visible scratches or dings. Driver side skirt: had a scratch at the end. Is partially repainted (see pics), but will need...
  4. Exterior & Interior
    Driver side front is cracked by the wheel but hardly noticeable on the car asking 1200 if interested message me for pictures thank you! Link for these skirts new.. Also F/S.. KW V3 Full Coilovers 2600...
  5. Exterior & Interior
    Up for grabs my used Zele carbon rear diffuser which is in mint condition asking 1200 if interested message me for pictures thank you Link for this part new. Also F/S.. KW V3 Full Coilovers...
  6. Interior & Exterior
    It seems like only a few owners have decided to paint the lower skirts to match the rest of the car. I personally like it and am considering moving forward in this direction. If you have an opinion, and we know everyone does, and a photo, please post them here.
1-6 of 6 Results