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  1. Track
    Has anyone bought or fabricated some sound pipes for use at Laguna Seca? I blow sound every time unless I lift and/or shift to 5th gear. If so where did you get them? Thank you
  2. Engine
    Has anyone gotten some good Laguna Sound Pipes that work? If so where did you get them? I have a 2013 GTR. Thank you
  3. GT-R Ownership
    Hello all, I'm sure these questions have been asked before, but I couldn't find the exact answers that I'm looking for, so here it goes any help is appreciated. Fact: Bought the first GTR I ever drove 2009 with 29,000 miles from a dealership. Fact: I've driven a lot of cars from Mustang...
  4. Engine
    someone know if there is any sound and or performance differences between the different shapes of midpipes I have picture of here
  5. Engine
    Snow storm, stuck inside and bored. I guess I'm spending my day on Gt-rlife. I downloaded this app that Flash told me about on iTunes (decibel 10th) curious to see what everyone else decibel readings are on cold start and idle. Please post the exhaust setup. I'm sure this app is not as accurate...
  6. R35 GT-R
    Hi, will the "new" 2017/18 GT-R have a louder and better sounding exhaust? The current model, in my opinion, sounds like a 1l nissan micra. I've heard Kazutoshi Mizuno once said that he focuses on engine noise and not the exhaust sound, but why? Is there any logical reason behind this? Thanks!
  7. GT-R Media
    As with previous vehicles I have owned I cannot stand the weak nature of factory horn units so again I replaced the stock GT-R horns with the Wolo 200 air horns. These provide a much improved sound volume and tone. http://vid13.photobu...zpsqovc81uc.mp4 Here is the link to horns procured...
  8. Engine
    There have been lots of threads about drone, noise levels, which exhaust is loudest/quietest and on and on. Well, I figured the best way to really tell was to get some before and after numbers for comparison. Yesterday I had some SBD catless cast downpipes installed, so it was the perfect...
  9. GT-R Media
    Hey all, I'd like to share a video I filmed and edited recently about the 'Blue Shark' Nissan GT-R from Qatar. This thing is not only stunning, but running crazy power; so it was great fun to film some detail shots and then hop on board for some fast accelerations. Enjoy!
  10. GT-R Media
    I believe this is an Alpha9 with the motec system. This thing sounds and launches like an animal!
  11. Engine
    Thought I take a sound clip before I switch this out to the new AAM Catted & Resonated midpipe. Hope this helps someone with their future choice! 2010 GT-R with Stock downpipes and exhaust / AAM Catted Midpipe.
  12. Engine
    Hey guys! Been searching for moding my 2012 GTR for quit few months and would like your advice. Narrowed my choices for new exhaust system. The car is a daily drive. Looking to get a nice sporty sound to the car ( burble, growl low base at low rpm and more high pitched scream at WOT if that is...
  13. GT-R Media
    I'm curious what different exhaust system combinations sound like. Specifically the configuration I'll be running soon (catless downpipes, no resonator in the midpipes, and an exhaust [in my case akrapovic]) I saw some videos scattered of cars on dynos, but was hoping we could collect them all...
  14. Wheels
    Hi All, I know this has been discussed on other posts and I have read all of them!!! My car has been making the infamous clicking sound, but not only when I turn, rather all the time, even in straight line. Background on the car: 2010 GTR USDM Cor Cipher Wheels 20x10 & 20x11 Endless MX-72...
  15. Engine
    Help me choose a midpipe/Y-pipe!!! Less drone the better...Is it true some non-resonated will drone less than ones with resonators? AAM? or HKS?? or AMS???
1-15 of 15 Results