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  1. Exterior & Interior
    To introduce Status Racing to our line up, we are offering a group buy for any Status seat offered. From the entry level Ring seat(FRP) to the high end, custom tailored Icon SPA or Icon Ring Series. The discount level is determined on the amount of seats sold. For pricing, contact us with the...
  2. Exterior & Interior
    For sale is a set of brand new Status SPA seats with Planted brackets for both driver and passenger. Never used, still in the original shipping box. Before you ask, I am not returning these as I would be subject to a 25% restocking fee. I had to sacrifice these seats as I am in the middle of...
  3. Interior & Exterior
    I just purchased a pair of Status SPA seats and am curious if any other members have experience with these seats. I am a little concerned with how difficult it will be to get in and out of he car with the high side bolsters. Thanks in advance.
1-4 of 4 Results