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  1. Wheels
    I have a 2014 GTR with 15-20mm H&R DRM spacers, and ProjectKics Leggdura 53mm lugs, which are Chromoly Alloy (This one) I know factory says 97 ft-lbs, but I've read somewhere here for non-factory or alloy lugs 80-85 ft-lbs 1) Which one do I go with, given I have the spacers as well? 2) I want...
  2. Wheels
    I’ve had Eibachs Bolt on 15/20mm since 2015. Street driven, no issues until yesterday when i took one out to clean any rust and saw one bolt stripped. I need to order a replacement ASAP will replace fronts & rears with H&R. what type should i go with? I’ve had the bolt on type for ages no...
  3. Suspension & Tires
    Hi everyone, I lowered my car on kw sleeves and mounted BBS LMs before January. Started to notice this sound getting more pronounced as time goes by. Can anyone explain what it is and why its making the noise?
  4. Suspension & Tires
    Should be replacing my rear tires soon. I currenly have Pirelli Sotozero tires Size: 285/35/R20 & 295/35/ZR20 Wheels: 20x9.5 & 20x10.5 Offset: F 40mm R 20mm Ride height: Stock Spacers: Eibach 15mm/20mm Street driven, summer tires. Goal is to keep the flush look, wheels sticking out a little...
  5. Track
    Does anyone experience rubbing on the track with spacers, stock suspension and stock tire sizes? Im running 15mm spacers all around on my 2019 gtr with stock everything else and I am afraid it might rub on the front as the fitment is pretty aggressive. thanks in advance!
  6. Wheels & Tires
    Used set of wheel spacers up for sale. These are H&R wheel spacers (2)15mm and (2) 20mm,GTR fitment which will give you a flush look on your OEM rims. For Sale: Used set of 15mm and 20mm used wheel spacers. Reason for Selling: using aftermarket wheels now. Details: H&R 15mm and 20mm wheel...
  7. Suspension & Tires
    What's up everyone I plan on lowering my 2016 GTR on swift springs which are already on order. The oem dunlops are just awful on NYC roads and I plan on switching to MPSS 285 front and 335 rear. Will I run into any fitment issues with this setup? Will I need to remove my current 15/20mm spacers...
  8. WTB
    FOUND A SET. Thanks GTRLife! I'm looking for a used set of wheel spacers in decent condition for my OEM wheels. I'm thinking the H&R DRM set of 15/20MM fits the bill the best. I might consider others based on asking price. Let me know if you have a set you'd like to unload. Thanks!
  9. Brakes
    Does anyone know where I can purchase CBA brake caliper spacers. Its the 5mm spacers that are needed to add when going to the 390mm rotors. RB brake does not sell them separately.
  10. Wheels & Tires
    I will double check the sizes again but I believe they are 12mm front and 15mm rear. Made my BE wheels flush. Had no issues whatsoever but never tracked it, just did street driving in them. Used for like 10k miles $125 plus shipping Venmo, paypal gift or add 3% Check my ebay rating for...
  11. Wheels & Tires
    I'm selling a used set of H&R Trak+ spacers that are perfect fitment for stock wheels. The front pair is 15mm and the rears are 20mm. I only have the box for the front. This set sells for $275+ shipping on Speed for Sale (http://www.speedfors...666-p-2583.html) Selling my set for $230 shipped...
  12. WTB
    Need a pair of 15mm spacers with the shorty lugs to install them. New or Used doesnt matter as long as I get a good deal. Paypal ready. PM me or text me at 863-709-3953 Thanks, Joe
  13. Brakes & Suspension
    Selling both front (15mm)and rear(20mm) sets of H&R spacers for any year GT-R. Bought these new for 275 three months ago. Both sets were used for approximately 500 miles. These spacers really made the car sit flush. Very easy to install, simple bolt-on. SOLD
  14. Wheels & Tires
    Perfect Black Powder Coated Factory 20" Wheels from my 2013 GTR R35 Including tires that have around 20% tread left. Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires 285 front / 295 rear Including black spacers that I purchased from the recommended source on this forum that gave perfect fitment! Located in...
  15. WTB
    WTB new or used black H&R Trak+ DRM wheel spacer, 15mm front and 20mm rear, pls PM me found one in amazon with the same part # 3065666 (front) # 4065663 (rear) but it doesnt have details on it so i dont trust them and then theres no options for the finish too. Thanks in advance Ronan
  16. Brakes & Suspension
    For Sale - Girodisc lightweight rotors w/pads Details - I bought these used (less than 400 miles) took them out of the box but never installed them...there are Girodisc lightweight brake setup. Included front and rear rotors, and all pads. Direct bolt on for DBA. CBA cars require a caliper...
  17. Suspension & Tires
    I know this question has probably been discussed before, but I cannot seem to find it on the search engine. My question is that I'm looking to go with the H&R spacer kit 15mm in front and 20mm in rear. I'm also looking to lower the car with swift spec r springs or something in that manner. I...
  18. Wheels
    Current setup: Wheels: Advan RS-D Matte Black Size: 20x9.5 & 20x10.5 Tires: Pirelli Pzero Sizes: 285/35/R20 & 295/35/ZR20 Offset: F 40mm R20 or 25mm (not sure) Ride height: Stock spacers: Eibach 15mm/20mm Lugs: Titek Gold Rubbing: No
  19. Part Out & Misc
    Hubcentric Akata spacers and Muteki Ext Lug Nuts: All were used for about 4k miles, great shape, satisfaction guarenteed Akata 15mm Spacers x2 Akata 20mm Spacers x2 Muteki Lugs (Black) SR48 Open x20 with key SOLD!!!
  20. Wheels
    I currently have the Eibach spacers installed on my car (oem wheels) 15mm F and 20mm R. Ill be back in 2 weeks and will be installing my Advans 20x9.5 and 20x10.5. Will my current spacers fit the Advans? Asking that because im away and would like to order the right ones in time to install both...
1-20 of 27 Results