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  1. Electronics & A/V Systems
    So i bought a 2010 GTR and had nothing wrong with it. I left it with someone and the battery and the CPU battery ended up dying putting the car into limp mode as well as my map lights and main door speakers, tweeters and right dash speaker stopped working. I got the dealership to reset the car...
  2. Electronics & A/V Systems
    So bought a 2010 GTR and nothing was wrong with the car what so ever. I left it with someone and the battery died to include the CPU's battery. After putting an new battery the map lights and some of the front speakers did not work. I had the whole thing reset at the dealership to get it out of...
  3. Electronics & A/V Systems
    Hello everyone, I could use some advice with my sound system. Here is my current set up: Focal 3 ways 2-8'w3's in a custom box Audison Bit one Audison 6 channel amp 5.1mt Right now the front speakers are using 4 channels and the center channel (stock)is using the 5th, the rear deck speakers...
  4. Electronics & A/V Systems
    Hi guys, moving onto a slightly different develepment program now with the GTR's front door speakers after developing the plug 'n' play subwoofer kit which is still being made and shipped (Sold here) What I'm trying to achieve here is a new set of component door speakers which fit into the...
  5. Exterior & Interior
    Hello guys, for sale is a set of front and rear speakers, and I honestly believe that Focal is one of the best in the market these were pretty much the top of the line focals, and they are now discontinued Absolutely love them. I had them in my STi, and they were amazing, but I decided againt...
  6. Electronics & A/V Systems
    I am looking to upgrade my stock speakers including the subwoofer (would like options that utilize the existing sub box) and wonder what others are using and what recommendations you have. Thanks, V
1-6 of 6 Results