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  1. Vendor Deals
    SAVE $50 off your next purchase of a High Performance Difflow Diffuser. Use code MEMORIAL Click here for products. This is how we celebrate long weekends. More Days. More Downforce. (Last day of sale is Monday)
  2. Race Equipment
    What can a Difflow - High Performance Diffuser do for YOU? Difflow Diffusers remove your car's performance restrictions by reducing the coefficient of drag and reducing rear-end lift, effectively increasing your vehicle's overall traction and stability. They also add an aggressive look and are...
  3. Race Equipment
    Hey guys, we just made a large batch of GT-R diffusers! We have them all in stock! All United States (Lower 48 States only) orders placed August 20th-25th are guaranteed to arrive at your door within 7 days of payment or shipping is free! Get a Difflow - High Performance Diffuser for your GT-R...
  4. Drag
    I, like many of you, have seen and heard of all kinds of cars being beat by GTRs' and GTRs' being beat by some. But on a relative comparison scale, which car is the GTR's biggest competitor? Obviously considering the price of the GTR and what it costs to attain FBO E85 (assuming a cost range...
  5. R35 GT-R
    Is it a go this weekend? If so any updates?
  6. Non GT-R Forsale
    Selling it used in excellent condition. I upgraded to latest firmware 1.10 and red light/speed camera database as of March 2, 2015. Only including the power cord and windshield mount as shown in pics. The manual can be downloaded online. Accepting Paypal for $400 shipped.
  7. Engine
    So I'm going speed density with Tials BOV. I currently have AAM 2.75 intakes. I purchased 3inch GTC intake from a forum member. For some reason I can't get the 3inch intake to install, plus I have to remove the bumper to fit the filters. Now that I'm speed density, the size of the intake...
  8. R35 GT-R
    Boost Logic's Plug & Play Speed Density Kit allows you to plug in our new harness which transfers the intake air temperature reading from the intake pipe to the upper intercooler pipe. This provides accurate temperature readings for a Speed... Density based engine program. In the path of...
  9. GT-R Media
    Hi all, Just joined the forum, but I've been a GT-R fan for a long time. It all started back when I saw Jeremy Clarkson review a JUN tuned R33 many many years ago. Ever since then I've been head over heels for anything Skyline. The R35 GT-R is no exception; so you can imagine my excitement when...
  10. R35 GT-R
    If I bought a new GT-R and broke it in, then went on a track day at Road Atlanta, (about 5 miles away) would it void my warranty fully, if not, which parts would be void if even if they would be?
  11. GT-R Media
    crazy motherf***er NOS Hayabusa 0-100 kph in 3.10 sec 0-200 kph in 6.19 sec 0-300 kph in 11.11 sec 0-350 kph in 16.16 sec WTF ? ;]
  12. R35 GT-R
    I have a 2010 GTR and im wondering what upgrades I can do to get it into the 2012 2013 numbers...I heard exhaust,tune,tires etc.....can anyone help???
  13. California
    SoCal TRACK DAY!: Streets of Willow 11/26-11/27 Cheap $105 if you use the code sow18. I think it expires a week or so before the event? the 20th? If you have any questions, please email them... I will try to help out when I can, but I don't have technical/specific answers...
  14. California
    When: Saturday, November 26, 2011 Where: Big Willow @ Willow Springs Racing from: 8am-5pm Drivers Meeting: 7am Participates Accepted: 50 Price: $240 Register here: Each run groups runs about once per hour, for roughly 8-9 sessions for the day; easily equivalent to...
  15. California
    SoCal Track Day! Button Willow!! 11/20 Button Willow!!!!!!!! 13CW Who's coming?? CHEAP $125.00 with code race5 (or i think race7..try either) Should be good until a couple days before, the 15th? Great extras too: Free timing for all drivers Free Basic track instruction for beginners Any...
  16. Engine
    I've had my GTR for over a week now and it's just so much damn fun. It's lightning quick and there are so many after market tuners out there it's going to be just as much fun learning how to mod the car than it is driving it. I noticed there were a couple of tuning options out there, namely AMS...
1-16 of 16 Results