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  1. The Lounge
    first, not asking for crazy parts or turbos lol. I've never askfor stuff or favors, thats not me. .. but honestly, the past month got me thinking. I know most GTR sponsors would go to ones who compete.. I'm targeting anyone to sponsor mostly Exterior/Interior parts.. why? I don't...
  2. Newbie Intro
    Debating on a coil drop and 15/20 spacers.... wheels would be good, but I do like the stockies (did I say that? ) Will be tracking and doing events. Pros and cons? Thanks!!!
  3. West
    For the pacific northwest owners, there is a private drag rental coming up this year in BC if you are interested. Half the costs are being covered by two sponsors.
  4. Canada
    Looks like this is a go!! Racing Greed from Coquitlam together with International Vendor Switzer Performance have been kind enough to sponsor half the costs of the event. Dates should be out soon for late spring or summer. They are in discussion now. The days for private rental are Monday...
  5. Mid Atlantic
    We are sponsoring this event since its right around the corner from our shop. Also we will be competing with a couple of our shop cars.
1-5 of 5 Results