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  1. R35 GT-R
    Last week we finished up tuning on a brand new 2015 GTR with our P600 PKG on it (including our *new* SS102 exhaust) and helped the guys over at Cobb Tuning finish up some tweaking on their new firmware for the Cobb Accessport to support the 2015 GTR. Here are the results vs stock on 93 octane...
  2. R35 GT-R
    Switzer Performance is proud to introduce its largest exhaust ever for the GTR, the SS102. From our blog: When Switzer Performance introduced its SS90 performance exhaust system for the Nissan GTR back in 2012, the most powerful R35s anywhere were making 1300-1500 HP. "We're way beyond that...
1-2 of 2 Results