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  1. GT-R Ownership
    Hey I'm Jimmy from the south east of Carolina. I'm looking into GTR. I currently own a 2014 STI fully built bottom to top making 540whp on e85 440 pump 93. Tuned by the best of the best Jr Junior Barrios at shift fast Motorsport. I would like to know what's best year of GTR and maintenance...
  2. Newbie Intro
    Hi GTR Life guys. After years of planning, I purchased my 2012 DBA BE a year ago and it's been awesome. My previous vehicle was a 2006 STi - which I loved and had a very hard time giving up in order to get my GTR. I do still miss the old STi, but the GTR always reminds me (real quick) how...
  3. Track
    Hi guys, I am coming out of driving STI's for 10 years. I have tracked since 2009 missing 2012 season. I drive advanced in some groups, intermediate 2 in others. I have always been a strong cornering guy, late braking fan and prefer smaller tracks, because I crashed in 2010 on a high speed...
  4. Other Vehicles
    Here are some photos of my STI I am giving up to afford the GTR. I absolutely loved this car and if it were not for the engine problems… I would still be in her. And my new to me 09 GTR parked next to a C7
  5. Newbie Intro
    Hello, My name is Eric. I have been a Subaru and long standing STI driver since they came out in 2003. I have owned 5 STI's and walked away this past Friday. I have owned: 2004 STI blue (stock) 2006 STI black(stock) 2008 STI white(stage 1) 2008 STI dark grey (stage 2) 2011 STI white (stage 2)...
1-5 of 5 Results