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  1. R35 GT-R
    We made the long haul from Texas to Ohio this week for the Bushur Shootout to test our new BL1000x Stock Manifold Turbos This kit made 1024 WHP on E85 and Cobb Accessport a few weeks ago and we had our sights set to run 8's at the track On Sunday morning we headed out for a qualifying run and...
  2. R35 GT-R
    One of our local Austin customers came into the shop looking for a little more power for his GT-R. His car is a daily driver so he didn't want a lot of downtime, he also didn't want to break the bank building his motor and transmission. We found the perfect solution would be our thoroughly...
  3. Engine & Drivetrain
    Boost Logic R35 GT-R Cast 3" Inlets are back in stock and ready to ship! Our True 3″ Inner Diameter Inlet pipe because this is quite a huge a restriction for the 2009-11 GTR and still a small restriction for the 2012-13 GTR especially if you plan on upgrading the cartridge in your stock...
1-4 of 5 Results