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  1. GT-R Build Threads
    I wanted to take a minute to share my build with the community. Over the past 4 years I have gone from FBO to 900 whp Alpha9 to 1400 whp 3582's. I just took delivery of the latest version of my car, a 4.1 PRO1700 with Motec from Top Speed Motorsports. Here are my thoughts: I wish I had...
  2. Engine
    I found this while researching stroker kit and would like to know if anyone has experiences with this kit. Does it support 1400whp?
  3. R35 GT-R
    I thought there would be quite a few people that were interested in this data from the new Garrett GTX3584RS turbo charger. That I know of we are the first to do real world testing on them with the GT-R platform. The boys over at ETS and I decided to build one of their kits utilizing these...
  4. R35 GT-R
    So I wanted to share a little pre-production testing we have been doing with AMS for the Alpha12x. We finished this car over a month ago but have been keeping it under wraps until AMS got a little closer to the release date for these amazing new kits! We were fortunate enough to be trusted to...
  5. Newbie Intro
    I am excited to get my hands on my 2nd GT-R sometime next week. I test drove the car yesterday and everything is a go. Four years ago I bought a 2011 and only kept it for 30 days before Nissan bought it back I had all sorts of issues with my brakes and eventually, since they could not fix the...
  6. Engine
    I'm now considering a 4.1 stroker with my current Alpha 10's. Here's why. I just found out my engine was built with Manley pistons (my request), but without the upgraded wrist pins. (I didn't specify) Apparently 1000whp is the suggested upper limit for the non upgraded wrist pins. My trans is...
  7. R35 GT-R
    Over the past 6 months or so, I have had numerous questions about building a higher displacement GTR, if we will do it, pros, cons, why we don't do it, etc. I have had many conversations with members here about it, but for those who have not called in or messaged me, I sat down with my brother...
  8. Engine & Drivetrain
    Brand new in box, purchased for a project a few years ago and sat in our climate controlled engine room ever since. According to BC's website, combined with a 100mm sleeved bore kit, you can bump your displacment up to 4.45L. No warranties expressed or implied from Switzer Performance.
  9. R35 GT-R
    New options the big engine builds out there. We are accepting pre-orders now:
1-9 of 10 Results