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  1. Canada
    Looking for any used aftermarket sway bar for the GTR,If you want sale your used parts plz PM me Thanks
  2. Brakes & Suspension
    **USED** Stillen R35 GTR Front & Rear Sway Bar Set (Includes new White Line Adjustable Endlinks) Front 3-Way / Rear 5-Way Adjustable - Front 20-38% Stiffer - Rear 67-108% Stiffer Retails for $1150 Asking $750 plus shipping and paypal fee's Located in San Diego, CA
  3. Brakes & Suspension
    Forged Performance GTR Sway Bar Set As many of you know, Forged Performance was among the first performance parts companies to actively campaign the R35 Nissan GT-R for Time Attack and Motorsport use dating back to 2008. As we developed the car to a very high level, we noticed areas of...
  4. R35 GT-R
    EDIT - Additional pics added. Suspension is in stock at GT-RR! GT-RR and AMS have been working together with Litchfield UK on the official distribution of this highly anticipated new suspension. As release and finalized news nears, we wanted to reignite the discussion officially and to provide...
1-4 of 4 Results