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  1. Engine & Transmission
    Item: AP3-NIS-006 accessport w/ tcm Flash (09 - 14 GT-R's) Price: $900 USD SOLD Condition: as if you just got it off the shelf (minus the sticker on the screen), including all accessories, even the COBB stickers, etc. Reason for selling: Installed it just to use the stage 1 OTS map, but then...
  2. Transmission & Drivetrain
    Hi Everyone, Need your help! I have a 2010 GT-R, Built motor, supporting mods, Shep 2.5 transmission and running on EcuTek, 47k miles. No drag, launch, etc. Everything runs fine, but sometimes the car doesn't recognize that it's in Park. Even though the shifter and transmission is in Park...
  3. Transmission & Drivetrain
    Ecutek TCM log items: For Ecutek the parameters should already be selected but just in case you can't select all..... **the unlabeled parameters can be excluded if the size of the file is too large** Accel Position Sensor 1 Accel Position Sensor 1 Axis A Pressure Target Axis B Pressure Target...
  4. Engine & Transmission
    New AP3-NIS-006 with TCM. Unmarried in box. Located in Sweden Price: 1.000 or bid Pay Pal ok. Buyer pays PP fee.
  5. Engine
    Hello All, I have a 2015 GTR and I am planning on doing the following mods: Decatted mid pipe (could possibly change to full cat back system) 3" Intakes 1050cc injectors 340L fuel pumps In terms of ECU upgrade I have been looking at COBB AP V3 and have come across 2 versions: AP3-NIS-007...
  6. Engine & Transmission
    SOLD I'm selling my used Cobb V2 Accessport with TCM capabilities. (NIS-006) Any 2008-2014 GTR. It is already unmarried, the only thing you need is a micro-USB cord. Already on the latest firmware and ready to go. Download a Cobb OTS map and add horsepower for cheap! Half the price of a...
  7. Engine & Transmission
    ***SOLD*** Selling my Cobb Accessport V3 NIS-006 W/ TCM. Unmarried from the car & screen protector still on. Unit has never been mounted so it's in mint condition. I recently purchased but didn't end up needing it. Like brand new, Comes with the carrying case. ***SOLD***
  8. North East
    ***SOLD*** Selling my Cobb Accessport V3 NIS-006 W/ TCM. Unmarried from the car & screen protector still on. Unit has never been mounted so it's in mint condition. I recently purchased but didn't end up needing it. Like brand new, Comes with the carrying case. ***SOLD***
  9. Engine & Transmission
    i have cobb access port v2 with tcm option. Its ready to go, uninstalled from my car. Its upgraded to latest firmware, comes with the box, all cables. ill pay for shipping, you cover paypal fees. Good for GTR's up to 2014
  10. Engine & Transmission
    Unmarried and ready to ship. Come with original bag and all cables in perfect condition. Location: San Francisco, CA Price: $500 $480 $450 SOLD shipped + paypal fee or gifted within the U.S.
  11. Engine & Transmission
    AP3-NIS-006 Only used this for about 6 months when I upgraded from the v2 to get the new features. Only reason I am selling is because we are changing the engine management on the car to MoTeC. Everything was uninstalled successfully and can be shipped as soon as payment is made. Priced to sell...
  12. R35 GT-R
    HUGE NEWS TODAY!! After being disgusted with how the GTR's shift driving around town I decided it was time to uncover the maps and figure out how to fix the issues. I'm proud to say that as of today we are offering trans maps for the GTR that address more than just the WOT shifting of the car...
  13. R35 GT-R
    Ever since the release of my Super-R mode tune I've been working non-stop to find other improvements / refinements in the GTR TCM. Due to the kind of access EcuTek has to the TCM all of my testing is done in-person by me and only on shop cars!!!! This has always been the case and is why I have...
  14. Transmission & Drivetrain
    More goodies from EcuTek to give you even more control over the TCM. Read up on just what you can do here:
  15. Engine & Transmission
    Used Condition but practically brand new with screen protector still on! Cobb Access-Port V3 with TCM for 2009-2014 GTR. Unmarried and ready for the next car! Comes with white/blue/gray faces. Text/Call 719-330-1263 for any questions! Price $950 Shipped and Paypal'd. Lower 48 states only.
  16. Engine & Transmission
    Cobb Access-Port V3 with TCM for 2009-2014 GTR Unmarried and ready for the next owner! $950 Shipped & Paypal'd
  17. Engine & Transmission
    Brand new condition Cobb Access-Port V3 NIS-006 with TCM for 2009-2014 GTR Comes with an extra White cover. $950 Shipped and Paypal'd Thanks for looking!
  18. AccessTUNER
    Just got back. The car was parked for a month with the Accessport unplugged and it turned on with no problems. When I plugged the AP, all my gauge settings/layout were reset so I re-organized my 5 gauge layout as before, drove the car on the hwy for an hour...all good. Got home, unplugged AP to...
  19. EcuTek
    I recently purchased a 2009 Nissan GTR and the first thing i did was get a tune from Doug from Weapons Grade Performance. I was very satisfied with the performance that i gained from the tune.He showed me how to operate the features that EcuTek come with like the rolling launch, raised the boost...
1-20 of 43 Results