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  1. Engine
    Hi GTRlifers, I'm hoping to get your help diagnosing why my 2009 GTR experiences severe power loss and knocking as the engine temperature increases upwards of about 180 degrees. I'm also interested in hearing any ideas on how I could keep the engine temperature cooler as I drive and/or how to...
  2. Engine
    Hi. This seems a weird problem, but here goes.... It's -30C (-22F) outside recently. This is my third winter with my 2011 GTR, with no issues previously. Last week, I noticed that the in-car heat didn't work one day, for about 30 minutes, then started to work, and was fine for the few days...
  3. Engine
    Hey everyone, Has anybody mounted an exhaust temperature sensor or measured exhaust temperature with a temporary mounted external sensor? If so, please share the temperature... I've done quite a bit of searching and haven't gotten any kind of actual value, just "hot". I am trying to use the...
1-3 of 3 Results