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  1. West
    This tread will announce the various extra instruction events that SCCA Hawaii region is sponsoring with early notice so you can plan ahead. Nothing special needed, GTR doesn't matter if stock or modded on any tires. Snell rated helmet M2010 or later, closed shoes. July 17, 2016 Test and Tune...
  2. Drag
    Here's a short video we put together of the flex-fuel Ultimate Street Edition GTR that ran earlier this week in testing at Milan Dragway. Full street trim with 18" DR's thrown on the back, this car was *driven* to Milan, cracked off a handful of passes in the low 9's with one just a sneeze away...
  3. GT-R Media
    Hey everyone just wanted to share a video I got of a nice GTR laying down a solid 9 second run. Thought you all might enjoy the sights and sounds of a clean GTR. Feel free to check out my new channel, and stay tuned because I have a bunch of GTR track videos I will be posting throughout the...
1-3 of 3 Results