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  1. Drag
    Car is a 2011 stock motor/tranny with the following... Intake: USM Turbos Boost Logic FMIC Boost Logic 3" Non-Recirculating Turbo Inlet Pipes GotBoost 3" Wrinkle Black Intakes GotBoost 3" IC Piping Kit GotBoost Catch Can Kit Tial BOVs Exhaust: AMS Down Pipes HKS...
  2. Drag
    With all the talk lately about who has launched their car and who hasnt, I started wondering what my car would run with no launch at the track. I pulled up and just rolled off, floored it, and raced to a 6.97 @ 108 in the 1/8th mile. Its was exactly like I would do from any stop light. 60' -...
  3. GT-R Media
    So we did a turbo upgrade on my GTR to SiR USM turbos, and I figured why not setup the GoPro and record it? So here is the result. Thanks to Marco @ BilletDesign for the Amazingly quick less than a day install and Bill @ Spray it Racing for the tune / turbos.. Dyno video coming soon.
  4. Drag
    Is 5.49 60-130 mph on 0% slope with stock engine good? Well the valve springs are not stock, so i actually cheated. ;)
1-4 of 4 Results