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timing chain
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  1. Engine
    I recently had an engine installed with 63k miles on it. It was sitting for a while, so all fluids were replaced. Within a mile or 2, I got a CEL for P0011 & P0021. I checked both cam banks and they were constantly between -2.0 thru 1.5-2.0 and I couldn’t go past 3k RPMs. I drove 350 miles and...
  2. Transmission & Drivetrain
    Looking for knowledge, experience, feedback. 2013 with 52000 and basic mods. Mods - stage 1 - down pipes, mid pipe, BOVs, Boostlogic tune, E85 conversion (injectors etc.). All work with Boostlogic. Dyno'd around 600whp. My wife drives this car most - it's daily driving and not driven hard...
1-2 of 2 Results