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  1. Track
    What options are there for a rear Tow Hook since the grill is directly in front of the female threaded connection? Photos of tow hooks and sources for them are kindly requested.
  2. Exterior & Interior
    SOLD 1/15/14 For Sale: Steel Front Tow Hook Price - $50.00 - you pay shipping. This tow hook has a spare modified bumper insert to give it a clean look when installed. Might be able to find some pics of it installed but I have sold the car.
  3. Track
    I saw that Ptuning produced a tow hook camera mount of the GoPro and I contacted them to see if they had one for the GTR as they posted it in the BRZ forum. They did not at the time, but they were kind enough to make a prototype of me and I tested it this past weekend at Laguna seca. Fitment-...
  4. Track
    Big "thanks" to Rob & Josh at Extreme Speed/Motorsports Legends in Cleveland, TN for the new rear tow hook. I hope I never need it but I'm glad it is now there. They are considering a kit you can order. I'll update the post with better pics and ones from underneath later. 3 hours of...
1-4 of 4 Results