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  1. Engine & Transmission
    For Sale - Used 2015 shifter assembly includes 2009 top trim cover Details - Complete shifter assembly. Everything works and includes all electronics. All led's on top trim cover also work. Reason for Selling - I bought this unit and swapped out the newer 2015 top trim cover (with white...
  2. Exterior & Interior
    I have a 2009 Drivers Door Panel with Alcantara trim pieces. What you see in the pictures is what you get. I do not have the RH side. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. Box dimensions are 43" x 5" x 25" and shipping from zip code 33132.
  3. WTB
    I am looking to replace my worn out LH (drivers) door panel trim ( I believe there are 3 pieces )and handle (black). I am looking for trim in excellent condition. I am open for the whole door panel if the price is reasonable. Please see attached picture for the parts I need. Thank you
  4. Exterior & Interior
    For sale: Used fender emblem pair from a low-mileage 2012 vehicle. Details: Slight wear/fade mark on passenger side piece.(see photo) Reason for Selling: upgraded to 2015 side blades. Shipping: Local pick up or Shipping to Continental US only. Price: $70 shipped. Payment: Paypal (Gifted or...
  5. Interior & Exterior
    Heres a fun one.. during hard left/ right cornering I would get a faint "rattle" or metallic "click" sound. having never opened or known about the passenger floor spare tire tool cubby., I opened it to find these... 2 metallic cans of touch up paint, and several substantial looking bolts! can...
  6. Detailing & Cleaning
    I have many small scratches on the flat-black interior trim around the window controls and the screen, where white shows thru. Dealer had no ideas. Anyone know of good touch-up paint for this?
  7. R35 GT-R
    My fault but, I've avoided scraping the front air dam for almost 7 months, but this was too close. Coming out of Starbucks, steep driveway, normally very slowly and will not scrape. Some soccer mom right on my ass and was afraid of her rear-ending me so took it faster. Groan, gently scraped...
  8. Interior & Exterior
    I'm trying to just get the silver piece off--is it possible to remove the piece with all of the controls without removing the actual wheel? Thanks for any guidance!
  9. GT-R Media
    Had this posted up a while back but now since we are officially Vendors we are able to go into detail regarding price and photos of our Fender Trim mod. We offer this option for all R35 GTR's and have done it on 2 so far, with no issues. First one was done over 1 year ago and still functioning...
  10. Non GT-R Forsale
    Fellow NAGTROC Members, The boss man is selling 2 of his Garrett GT35/40R's from his R34. They are in very good condition; only a couple 1xxx miles on them, each. Reason for selling, boss man upgraded for more power. So these will no longer be needed. Normal shaft play, no damage whatsoever...
  11. Exterior & Interior
    Hey guys I have a pair of Downforce headlight shrouds for sale. They're in perfect condition, I'll try to post up my own pics soon but seriously, they're flawless. They accent the car well if you have other cf stuff. I'm asking for $185 shipped. Let me know if you're interested, thanks.
1-12 of 12 Results