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  1. Drag
    After getting used to my last setup of the Linney EFR6758R 800whp setup i decided to step things up a little in pursuit of the ultimate street car. In Sydney, 800whp just does not cut it any more especially with so many monster 1000+hp R32/R33/R34 GTRs and 800hp EVOs getting around the...
  2. GT-R Build Threads
    I've been researching to find what I call the perfect turbos for my new upgrade but it seems to be many options out there. I'm sure at one point people will come across the same situation I have so I would like to get some thoughts from our community My goals: 1. Keep stock crankshaft 2...
  3. R35 GT-R
    I can't say enough about how awesome and fun this weekend was in Ocala, FL with the people from WannaGoFAST! This thread is going to be hard to keep short and sweet but I'm going to do my best. For the people that don't want to read through the whole thread I'm going to just go ahead and throw...
1-3 of 3 Results