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  1. GT-R Media
    Please enjoy like/comment/share/subscribe, made that with my phone to escape the boredom of the lockdown , take care guys.
  2. GT-R Media
    Hey all, I'd like to share a video I filmed and edited recently about the 'Blue Shark' Nissan GT-R from Qatar. This thing is not only stunning, but running crazy power; so it was great fun to film some detail shots and then hop on board for some fast accelerations. Enjoy!
  3. GT-R Media
    Updated look of my GTR, Strasse Forged Wheels, Lowered, new Sides / Lip and 2015 Headlights / Tails... took these with my Galaxy S5 Old Look
  4. Engine
    hello everyone , this is my first post in here and since I come from porsche ownership I don't know alot about gt-r and I have some question where I was hoping you can help me 1. what is the difference between a 2009 gt-r and 2012 gt-r , what I mean is drivetrain and clutch 2.can a stock...
  5. Engine
    I couldn't find a decent answer in my searches and would like some feedback from those with experience. There are plenty of guys with mods such as downpipes, exhaust, tune (some with 1000cc injectors and E85 and/or race gas and some with not), that I'm assuming take their cars in for the...
  6. SP Engineering
    Hi guys, We have a bunch of 'SP Tuned' stickers laying around available for purchase. They look great on the rear quarter window and adds a couple HP's. We are selling them as a pack with 6 stickers, 2 of each color. • (2) White / Red • (2) Red / White • (2) Grey / Red Price: $15 To...
1-6 of 6 Results