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  1. Engine
    My wife has now had her GTR for 1 year so we are ready to do some mods to it i think. Her car is a 2015 with about 7k on it. My car is a 2013 that is FBO e85. We would like to max out her car but not sure if i want to go the e85 route again. Finding quality e85 is always a issue and we all know...
  2. Engine & Transmission
    Used Owen Developments R35 GTR Bolt-On Turbo Upgrade kit ($4300) . These turbochargers are the ultimate bolt-on upgrade for the R35 GTR. Without any further modification 700+ BHP is achievable, and with complimentary engine modifications this figure could be greatly increased!
  3. Engine & Transmission
    FS: Used Alpha 12 Turbo Upgrade. These turbochargers come with the brackets and fittings necessary for you to remove your existing Alpha 10 turbos and bolt these Alpha 12's on in place of them! Asking $3800 obo (plus shipping) for the pair. Please PM, call, or email us for more information...
  4. Newbie Intro
    please please please so i got this grr for a great price 70k and i realized i have way tooooo many aftermarket parts and i need some of the more experience GTR owners to guide me and schooled me.
  5. Newbie Intro
    please please please so i got this grr for a great price 70k and i realized i have way tooooo many aftermarket parts and i need some of the more experience GTR owners to guide me and schooled me.
  6. Engine
    From FBO (pump) to Alpha 9 (or similar)I've been thinking about this for a long time...I want more power. Other than the cost, I'm always afraid of damaging engine or transmission. I want to upgrade, and drive the car comfortably knowing that nothing is at risk. Yes, Researched a lot and have...
  7. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
    For sale is my beautiful 2014 Black Edition Nissan GTR that is complete in every way. Ready for Show or Track. This car is truly one of a kind. You have everything to win a car show and if you dare, you can take her to the track. VIN: JN1AR5EF5EM271420 Location: Baltimore, Maryland Title...
  8. Part Out & Misc
    As my (almost) fall cleaning continues, I'm finding lots of goodies to sell! These were purchased to install into some old housings, but ended up buying a whole different turbo set-up. These are absolutely beautiful and ready to go to a new home and be put to some use and abuse! I have 2...
  9. Vendor Deals
    ALCON HD Brake Special!! We have in stock both CBA and DBA Rotors ready to ship or will call $1,150 A PAIR for front or rear SHIPPED!!!! PM me for any inquiries or email me directly for your orders [email protected]
  10. Engine & Transmission
    I am selling a pair of 1 bar wastegate actuators for stock or stock manifold turbos. They have about 2k miles on them. They worked flawlessly when taken off. Only selling because I need the stronger 1.4 bar actuators to hold 30+ psi on my upgraded stock manifold turbos. These had no problem at...
  11. Engine & Transmission
    SOLD-----FS: 2012 Turbo inlets stock. Reason for selling: Switched over to Ported 2012 inlets when I upgraded my turbos this week and did not turn in these inlets as a core. So now they are ready to be shipped. Price: $200 shipped - price dropped Let me know if you have any questions. Text...
  12. Engine & Transmission
    SOLD---FS 2012 Stock Turbos with Manifold. Reason for selling is I upgraded to SIR USM and don't need these any longer. They have only been off a few days and would like sell them. $895 shipped-price dropped Text me at 801-879-2335 if you have any questions Shipping from Utah
  13. R35 GT-R
    AAM Competition and BorgWarner Have Teamed Up to Create the Latest Technology in Turbocharger Systems for Your GT-R We are extremely proud to release AAM Competition, LLC's newest Nissan GT-R turbocharger upgrade - the AAM Competition GT1200-EFR Turbocharger System. Equipped with BorgWarner...
  14. Engine & Transmission
    I have for sale my Custom AAM GT-800r Turbo kit. Comes with 3" Intakes and Turbo Inlets both crinkle coated to match turbos. Also the AAM actuators are installed already. These were customized by AAM from the previous owner. He sent em in and had a bigger compressor housing thrown on and all...
  15. Engine & Transmission
  16. R35 GT-R
    Hi Guys, I am planning to get one of these setups and would like to take some opinions. Looking to hit 800 AWHP on pump gas (if possible), No plans to have higher octane fuel as its not available in my country. My current mods are: Engine -HKS Cams -HKS Pistons -HKS Rods -HKS Valves Springs...
  17. Engine & Transmission
    Selling my AAM 1600R kit. Comes complete with all lines etc. all black heat coated. Kit has less than 1500 miles on it. I was able to make one pass with it at the drag strip and it was a 8.74 @ 160 with a street cooler and oem intake manifold. definitely capable of mid lower 8's. we never got a...
  18. R35 GT-R
    Hey guys, in the spirit of the holidays, we will be offering a limited time special on our TSM ProEight turbo packages. For those of you who are not familiar with our turbos, they are the perfect balance for a stock engine/stock transmission turbo upgrade while still giving you the option to...
41-59 of 121 Results