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  1. WTB
    As title states... WTB Polished Upper Intercooler Pipe for use with OEM setup. Also looking for catback.
  2. Texas & South Central
    I drive the Tollway everyday. It has become an epidemic on every road around Dallas that there is one car on the left lane going slow and causing tie-ups for miles. I have come across people slamming their brakes as you approach them, people refusing to move, people with big lifted diesel...
  3. Texas & South Central
    Hello everybody, My name is Donald and although I am not a GTR owner (I wish I was), I do have an AWD vehicle. I own an Aspen White 2005 Subaru STi that is completely built by Andrewtech Automotive with a rotated GTX35R turbo kit and makes over 500+ AWHP. My purpose of joining this forum is to...
  4. Track
    Anyone know if there's a website or organization(s) that lists HPDE events at TX road courses? I'm used to the west coast where there are tons of event through Speedventures, old Redline Time Attack, Porsche Club of America, etc. Anything like that in TX? Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results