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  1. Transmission & Drivetrain
    Hi, I'm a new user to COBB AP006 with TCM falshing, I just need a couple of clarifications... My car is USDM 09 and I suppose that COBB will automatically recognize the version of my gearbox (KB51B, KJ10A etc...) But I see that there are more maps for each version of the gearbox... Stock...
  2. Middle East
    Hi there, I got my Cobb Accessport with TCM flashing, It is my first time using this AP, so I have a question related to the OTS maps, I have 2009 USDM GTR, I'm from UAE and I use Super 98 fuel type, so based on this, which fuel type I should download from the cobb site? 1. 100 OCT / 102 RON...
  3. Middle East
    Hi guys, I lost my silicone couplers for my COBB Big SF intake system, where can I find these couplers? In case of using any couplers, is it fine to use them and which size I have to take?? The outer coupler is 3 inch size but what about the inter portion size?? Please help Thanks.
1-3 of 3 Results