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  1. GT-R Ownership
    Should I buy or not? And how much would you think it’s a steal price for this car in usd?
  2. R35 GT-R
    Hey GT-R family! I’m coming close to purchasing a 2014 Premium with 39,000 Km’s (Located in B.C.) Luckily for me i’ve got a friend here in Toronto, Ontario who has a mutual friend of the owner, so I feel a bit better there vouch wise. There are some things done to the vehicle, such as...
  3. R35 GT-R
    I would like to hear everyone’s thoughts on the R35 market and how bad (or not) the prices will drop. I suspect it would drop considering there may not be an R36 for at least another 2 years. I suspect perhaps 20% or more by mid-2023. Thoughts?
  4. GT-R Ownership
    So I am new to the GTR world and still have a lot to learn/research before pulling the trigger on one. I know the used GTR market is kind of insane right now judging from my constant hounding of Autotrader. My criteria is 80k max, 2012+, under 30k miles preferably and clean history. My other...
  5. GT-R Ownership
    I previously owned an '09 GT-R that I bought new for $72K the beginning of '09, and sold the beginning of '13 for $62K, with a little over 20K miles on it. In June '14 I bought a used '14 GT-R with the semi-aniline interior (red) with approximately 3K miles on it for $87.5K. Sold it a year and a...
  6. Wheels & Tires
    For Sale - Used set of 20" 2015 OEM GTR Wheels and Tires Details - All wheels are in perfect condition, no curb rash and barely (if any) chips. Tires are toyo 888's with maybe another season left in them, depending how much driving you do. Tires are also in good shape other than the tread life...
  7. GT-R Ownership
    Hi, eveyone. I've been waiting for quite a long time to finally be in a position to buy my dream car, and it's finally here! Thing is, I wanted to get your opinions on a few pressing questions. Apologies in advance if I come off long-winded and thanks in advance! TL:DR - Questions numbered...
  8. Engine & Transmission
    For Sale - Used OEM 2010 injectors and fuel pumps, new NGK spark plugs (x10) Details - I dont need these OEM parts anymore because I have switched to upgraded pumps and injectors. They came from my 2010 GT-R and work perfectly. They were uninstalled by the GT-R specialists at Boardwalk Nissan...
  9. Engine & Transmission
    Used alternator. $220 Used Steering pump $320 Used Oil Pump $420 Ships from Blaine Washington state 98230. Ship within North America only. Buyer covers PayPal fees and shipping.
  10. Exhaust
    In great condition. Removed an hour ago from my own car to replace with a non-catted midpipe. The catted COBB 3.5-inch SS Y-Pipe is constructed of 304 stainless steel and TIG welded. The stainless steel flex sections are internally-lined for added lifespan and smoother exhaust flow. The Y-pipe...
  11. GT-R Ownership
    Hi, first post and just joined the forums yesterday. I just sold my 2011 bmw e93 m3 and i'm about to have a nice check coming from my buyers bank loan to use as a down payment and I've been looking at some GT-R's. 1st question: Should i buy already a gtr with everything that i want already...
  12. GT-R Ownership
    Reposted twice... check my orginal post! ty
  13. Transmission & Drivetrain
    Thought I would share what the color of my transmission and differential fluid looked like after 18K miles. I'm in a 2015 Premium. This includes 4 track weekends. I know the recommended changes are much less frequent, but couldn't help myself. Post change, it would appear this was not...
  14. WTB
    Looking for a used DBA front lip and undertray OEM. Hit a tire and broke mine. Let me know what you have shipped to Ogden Utah 84401 Dustin 801-879-2335 text
  15. Exhaust
    Has a dent near the back. This is how I purchased it and have had no issues. Sounds great and looks amazing. Reason for Sale : Upgraded to a 4" system. Price is firm and does not include shipping. Will work out final price based on buyers location. Below is a sound clip of the midpipe along...
  16. WTB
    Need a pair of 15mm spacers with the shorty lugs to install them. New or Used doesnt matter as long as I get a good deal. Paypal ready. PM me or text me at 863-709-3953 Thanks, Joe
  17. Engine & Transmission
    I am selling my lightly used (3,000 miles) SBD downpipes 3". I went back to stock and no longer need. $525.00 shipped, add 3%pp fee Text me at 801-879-2335 (Dustin) if you are interested
  18. Exterior & Interior
    Details: 2009 Headlights, damaged passenger side cover. No condensation, all tabs, good working order 2009 Taillight, passenger side, no condensation, all tabs, good working order Reason for Selling: Went with 2015 Headlights and Taillights Shipping: Local pick up or shipping within CONUS...
  19. GT-R Ownership
    Hi guys, my name is Jatinder and I have been a part of this forum for a few months now. I haven't contributed much to the forum yet but I'm looking to change that very soon. I'm from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and am looking to finally purchase a GT-R this month. I've narrowed it down...
  20. Exhaust
    Hey guys, I am putting up my used Meisterschaft exhaust. I had it on the car for 2,000mi. It shows visual signs of use, obviously. Tips are in good condition. I loved the exhaust but swapped out to a quieter one awhile back and have had this laying around in my shop since then. I am asking...
1-20 of 73 Results