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  1. Engine & Transmission
    Hey everyone, Up for sale are new in box items: 1. Tial Q Vent to atmosphere BOVs (x2) anodized in red with -11 psi spring: SOLD 2. AMS MAF Block Off Plates: SOLD 3. Visconti Tuning Speed Density Kit A: SOLD Reason for selling: no longer want to modify car Contact: PM me for my cell if...
  2. Engine
    Hey guys, i just ordered the HKS SSQV bovs to install on my stock upper pipes (with the adapter). I know that for VTA, you need to be SD tuned. Now, I never purchased the SD kit, however, when I returned back home and had a new retune the map says SD tune. So I've asked my tuner about this and...
1-2 of 2 Results