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  1. Engine
    The days of test tubes and science projects at the gas station are over! After extensive testing and development since last year, we released our Plug & Play GT-R FlexFuel Kit in January. The kit was met with resounding interest and success from day one but was unfortunately only available to...
  2. Engine
    Saw this on the frs forums Another vtune bites the dust. Sorry to see this. I really liked your car. Hope you get it back in good health. Any reason in particular you think the motor let go?
  3. Engine
    Since the weekend is coming to a end I thought I'd give you guys something to drool about while your at work tomorrow. Most of the tests I've done have been on lower powered cars, can't wait to show you what this setup does with more powerful setups. -John
  4. Engine
    Yesterday EcuTek announced the release of Phase 3 RaceRom to it's entire ProTuner Network. Phase 3 RaceRom brings has EcuTek's very advanced new Boost OFF The Line Check it out !! [media] (This is a pre-release version of EcuTek P3 BOTL)...
  5. R35 GT-R[/media] [media] EDIT: Links shown are now active
1-5 of 5 Results