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  1. California
    Come out and join us October 20, 2018 @1pm for a meet and greet and a free lesson on how to maintain your GT-Rs exterior. Their will be a small BBQ as well. I hope to see you guys there! 6320 Belleau Wood Lane Suite 3 Sacramento, Ca 95822
  2. Detailing & Cleaning
    Took some quick photos of the car the other day after a quick wash and wax, and a light polish on the trunk and spoiler. I just wanted to see how it corrected to some of the polishes I had on hand. As I was looking for what polish gave the best "one step" correction. Some before and after...
  3. Detailing & Cleaning
    We all know how badly the paint on these GT-R's will scratch. Here's a wash method I have been using on my black 2010 recently that does not use the traditional 2 bucket method. Credit to Gary Dean in the video Car is washed with microfiber towels. Thanks to the Sonax Polymer Net Shield I...
  4. Detailing & Cleaning
    I thought you all might appreciate this info. I'm reposting this with permission from a family friend. He's a Corvette nut with a 00 c5, and 06 c6 Z06, and a 10 c6 ZR1. Here's the ZR1. He has an incredible custom paint job!: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some of the specific products I use...
1-4 of 4 Results